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Project Description:

This project is a photoshoot I did attempting to imitate some world renowned magazines. I wanted to stick to the overall theme and design of the various magazines, but also put my own twist and art direction in the designs. I tried to make sure to treat the photography in a similar way in which each magazine would. I also made sure to treat the type as uniform to the magazine style as possible.

Rolling Stone:

I wanted to put a twist on some classic Rolling Stone's covers by lighting my subjects differently than the norm. You very rarely see the cover of Rolling Stone very colorful, so I wanted to add that warmer feeling with the colors.


I put my own twist on the ELLE covers by primarily condensing the amount of type that is normally used. I wanted to create a type hierarchy that isn't too busy and is also very engaging.


I wanted to put my twist on the Interview magazine covers by taking the usual headshots and making them waist up portraits. I found this gives a little bit more breathing room and more room for type.


Since NYLON is mainly directed towards younger women, I wanted to keep their overall style. However, I wanted to minimize their color palette and decrease some type sizes to create hierarchy.

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