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Victory Church is a nondenominational church based in Georgia. Below are just some of the projects I've had the honor of participating in and overseeing from start to finish.

Victory Youth Rebrand


In this project I had the opportunity to develop and produce a reinvented logo mark for Victory's youth ministry. I had the freedom to create an entire brand rollout for this ministry as well as present them with a "Rebrand Bumper" that shows the evolution of their previous logo mark to their current one.


One Step

One Step is an initiative structured to allow new believers or individuals wanting to grow more in their faith, the opportunity to "Take One Step" into growing in the kingdom of God. This is one of many examples of the large format designs I was able to participate in. With the help of elements created from my fellow designers, I was able to compose what we see here as the "One Step Wall". This is a place where believers can display what their One Step is!

Series Bumpers

Series bumpers are typically 25-30 second videos that incorporate the series key art into an eye-catching animation that gets the congregation excited and ready for the sermon. Here are just a few of the bumpers I had the chance to spearhead.

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